First destination on our worldtrip: 32C3 in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany - 29.12.2015

Our flat is gone and with it the rooms we call home. It is still a week until our plane leaves to Dubai but in a way the trip has already begun. We stay with Marcs mother now which is of course also a feeling of beeing home, but in a diffrent, more family-get-together-ish way. But we are already living out of bags (filled with clothes that stay in Bremen or will be donated).

But rightnow we are not in Bremen. While writing I am sitting in Hall 1 of the CCH (Congress Center Hamburg) waiting for the first talk of Day 3 to begin. We are at the 32C3 - the Congress of the CCC(Chaos Computer Club), which is once a year for 4 Days. It is the 32nd time the Congress takes place. Basically it is a huge meet up for nerds of any kind. There are political and technical talks, workshops, live podcasts, assemblies and groups of people who meet to solve a computerproblem together, 3D printers, SNES played on Beamers, a partyarea and so on - a lot to see and to learn. When you enter the Congress it is getting away of the daily stress for 4 days. You are now in a totally new form of a gated community (Which is this years Congress motto: Gated communities). In the opening spreech of the Congress it was said that we should distroy the gates and should break out of our borders to be free. In a way, that is exactly what lies ahead of us: one year far away from our comfort zone, away from old and lovely habbits and places and people we got used to and love so much. We are leaving to get a whole bunch of new expierences. We open the gates and leave for a whole new perspective and in a way the 32C3 in one first stage, because you see people from different places, with diffrent realities who all get together at the 32C3 peacefully. The number of attending people rose from 3000 in 2012 to 12000 in 2015 and the security staff was not really raised in numbers, because everything is peachy at 32C3 :-) So this is not daily business, this is already meeting interesting people and learning a lot of new things, about technology about politics about people and as always about yourself. Let the worldtrip begin! (if you don't count the 32C3 in...well it is only a week to get away).


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