It starts

Bremen, Germany - 24.11.2015

It starts. It really starts. In 1 1/2 months I am off to go on a world trip with my worse half. ;-)

I cannot believe that the date is finally so close.

But before that we have so much preparations to do. I stopped working last Friday and now I am in charge of the "get rid of everything in our flat" project... :'( also there are some things we need to fix in the flat for the next person who moves in. That would be absolutely okay. If my arm would not hurt from my every Monday vaccinations. But that is better than catching yellow fever, hepatitis a or b, rabies, typhoid fever or japanese encephalitis... And actually it doesn't hurt that bad.

On December 23th the flat will be gone... Then there is Christmas, the Chaos Communication Congress and New years and then it starts. Did I say that it starts? Because it does. To quote my dear Pedro: "I'm so exite' en I just can't hide." :D to be continued.


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